Bizarro World, Censorship and Cowards

November 22, 2011

The ongoing feud between myself and “Ed” has culminated in what appears to be a full block.

He had hid behind the “oh, it’s a spam filter” excuse. But now, it’s is just out and out blocking.

It appears unless someone aligns with Ed’s Bizarro World, you will be -eventually- banned

Sadly, he is also a coward.

I had offered many times to leave, if he found my arguments too disturbing for his zealot horde.

But he doesn’t have the guts to post that.

It would ruin his image as a “tolerant socialist” – as if such a beast ever existed.


Wind power – Gone with the Wind

November 20, 2011

A big deal was made by another blogger regarding Texas brown-outs and wind power – how “wind turbines saved Texas”.


Of course, they didn’t – but that story is on his blog.


Part of the side story, however, was a claim about the growing popularity of “Greenie” power – however, recent news actually highlights a signficant reverse of such popularity.


Wind turbines operate at the newly-built Capital Wind Farm near Tarago, about 35 kilometres (22 miles) north of Canberra October 30, 2009. REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

Dutch fall out of love with windmills


….Dutch government says offshore wind power is too expensive and that it cannot afford to subsidize the entire cost of 18 cents per kilowatt hour — some 4.5 billion euros last year.



And not to be out done the Duke of Windor said:

Wind farms are useless, says Duke


An industry that needs a subsidy to live, will die without it.

Economics is the mother of Politics – and as Economics flexes its dominating muscle, the Politics of Greenie energy will be shrugged aside.

If heard the “1%” chitchat before, you have….

November 19, 2011

Huey Long – an oratorical genius – back in 1930 proclaimed the Socialists ideas that are being repeated on Wall Street today.


FDR took many of Long’s “ideas” and turned them into the New Deal.


Listen carefully to Long and his speech – and see how simple the message and how easy the message resonates with the emotions of People – and in direct contradiction to human rights and reason.


There are many, many more Huey Long’s alive out there today (Hi, Charlie!) — and free men better start getting their message tuned to defeat them, otherwise the People will face a very long age of Endarkenment.


Since I being censored…..

November 18, 2011

Here are some of the posts, and my censored replies – you judge, argue or complain!


  1. James,

    We both live in reality.

    The difference is the way we chose to live.

    You justify evil.

    I do not.

  2. Jim wrote:
    With Herman Cain, Willard Romney, Newt Getrich and Ayn Rand — I say to you, Nick ::: QUIT WHINING!

    Well Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Newty boy and pretty much the entire Republican party and BF can kiss my ass 😛

    I like living in reality. BF can live in delusion land all he wants.

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    Your irrational world view disguises ignorance.

    Compassion for your fellow man does not allow you to steal from other men to solve it.

    You believe free men must be essentially without compassion – which can only infer you believe tyrants are the only compassionate men on Earth.

  4. Jim says:


    You obviously don’t understand true compassion. True compassion allows people to die in extermination camps, in bowels of slave ships, on Indian reservations and in unregulated urban sweatshops. Because one day, the Libertarian Leprechauns will sprinkle magic free market fairy dust all over everyone and we’ll all just stop being mean to each other when we realize there is money to be made being nice.

    Monsanto will eventually stop poisoning the born and unborn children of Anniston, Alabama. Just as soon as those evil bullies and liberals stop persecuting the poor, oppressed billionaire CEOs.

    Massey Energy will eventually have safe coal mines, just as soon as left wing do-gooders like me stop insisting that they observe safety regulations and start treating their employees like something other than inanimate tools.

    As for the hundreds of millions who died waiting for the Libertarian Easter Bunny, screw ‘em. God needs to thin the weak from the herd anyway. If you die for lack of medical care, it’s because you were lazy and weak. If you can’t go out and look for a job because you have no legs and can’t afford a wheelchair, well shame on you you selfish bastard. Because a REAL ‘Murrican would crawl door to door offering to mop the floor of some wealthy person’s home with a mop attachment on his face in exchange for a few pennies and a baloney sandwich.

    With Herman Cain, Willard Romney, Newt Getrich and Ayn Rand — I say to you, Nick ::: QUIT WHINING!

    Yes Nick, what i just channeled for you is real compassion on Planet Rand. The real tyrants are the ones who advocate crazed, self-centered ideas like forming a more perfect union, promoting the general welfare and so on. The real tyrants are those who share and expect others to share. The real criminals are those who just don’t have faith enough to believe Ayn Rand and her elves will come…if only we behave ourselves, keep hoarding and looking out for number one.

    Have you not been paying attention?

Economics – the most severe lack of understanding in Modern History

November 18, 2011

A few past posts have highlighted the intensity of the lack of Economic understanding that dominates society.


A series of comments, such as “kids are not widgets, teachers are not factory workers” betrays the serious and critical misunderstanding of Economics.


To these people, “Economics means money” – so their little retort is really saying “My kids are priceless”. Well, that may be – that is a value judgement worthy of an individual.


But what these people do not understand is that “their kids are not NECESSARILY priceless TO ME” – my kid happen to hold that spot.


So each of us hold a different value on the same kid – his is higher on his kid than I place on his kid. Misunderstanding this makes the other person believe that there can be no limit to the cost TO ME about educating HIS KID.


But of course there is – because my kid needs my resources to educate her. Taking my resources to educate his kid steals it from my kid.

But he does not understand that, since he holds an EGO-CENTRIC world view – that is, the whole world revolves around his position exclusive to any other. So it matters not how his demand impacts the opportunity for others, his demand is holy and any resistance in unholy.


Economics is NOT about money. It is about human action.

Money is a consequence of trade.

Money allows us to price value


It does not make something valued.


Something valued by one person does not mean it is valued by another.



Artifact of Rightness Deux

November 18, 2011

As I posted previously, the new measure of success is the number of blogs one becomes censored.

The blog was interesting – lots of topics across a broad number of interests, but unfortunately, the owner and his cabal are rooted in irrationality and become blubbering idiots when someone points that out to them.


They can’t answer the simple questions regarding their principles because they are married to outcomes – their outcomes – and are willing to do whatever it takes – including evil means – to obtain them.


And those that use evil tend not to like others pointing that out to them.


Game changer

October 13, 2011

Reading on a political blog, discussing why the “Occupy Wallstreet” will fail – the author makes this point:

It will fail because the protesters are still stuck in the paradigm of having to occupy territory when the battle should be fought on the Web with ideas.

And, as a point, he posted how an idea can accumulate such great random talent from all over the world for a beautiful purpose.

First, the TED video for the background…

Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir

The 1st Choir

The 200o voices choir

Yes, the bad is getting worse.

But, wow, the good is getting greater.

We live in amazing times.

(ed: I changed the post a bit – it is the accumulation of the random talent that adds to the amazement – it was a bunch of unconnected, unknown people coming together to create the beauty)

Plato Pollution

September 3, 2011

Reading Plato is pollution to the human mind.

He taught that “common people” should display obedience and subservience to their “masters”  – to be happy as the cattle for the elite to burden, slaughter and eat.

His teaching offer nothing but a “totalitarian nightmare of deceit, violence, master-race rhetoric.”

The greatest principle of all is that nobody, whether male or female, should be without a leader.

Nor should the mind of anybody be habituated to letting him do anything at all on his own initiative; neither out of zeal, nor even playfully.

But in war and in the midst of peace — to his leader he shall direct his eye and follow him faithfully.

And even in the smallest matter he should stand under leadership.

For example, he should get up, or move, or wash, or take his meals… only if he has been told to do so. In a word, he should teach his soul, by long habit, never to dream of acting independently, and to become utterly incapable of it”

It is no surprise to me that academia – who depend on elitism – continues to teach this mind junk to their “students”.

Artifact of Rightness

August 8, 2011

As the economic conditions deteriorate, more and more blogs that I post as a guest begin to censor me.


One such –

…a political science professor, now has begun deleting my posts … those,  of course, that have demonstrated the failure of the State, and those that have shown his analysis of the circumstances to be … well, flawed.


All to be expected. Been here before, so nothing really shocking about this – it merely demonstrates the stages of truth so articulated by Gandhi.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Ignorance vs Irrational

June 9, 2011

Lately, a few blogs where I attend have gone to closing off their public’s replies.

It is a sad situation.

Their positions have all failed scrutiny, so their only response is censorship. They cannot debate or dialogue rationally, so they opt for the delete key so to maintain their illusion that “they are still right”.

The Universe is not fooled, however. Their positions cannot stand, and eventually the Universe will correct them – and as it typically does to those that refuse reason, it will correct them harshly.