Since I being censored…..

Here are some of the posts, and my censored replies – you judge, argue or complain!


  1. James,

    We both live in reality.

    The difference is the way we chose to live.

    You justify evil.

    I do not.

  2. Jim wrote:
    With Herman Cain, Willard Romney, Newt Getrich and Ayn Rand — I say to you, Nick ::: QUIT WHINING!

    Well Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Newty boy and pretty much the entire Republican party and BF can kiss my ass 😛

    I like living in reality. BF can live in delusion land all he wants.

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    Your irrational world view disguises ignorance.

    Compassion for your fellow man does not allow you to steal from other men to solve it.

    You believe free men must be essentially without compassion – which can only infer you believe tyrants are the only compassionate men on Earth.

  4. Jim says:


    You obviously don’t understand true compassion. True compassion allows people to die in extermination camps, in bowels of slave ships, on Indian reservations and in unregulated urban sweatshops. Because one day, the Libertarian Leprechauns will sprinkle magic free market fairy dust all over everyone and we’ll all just stop being mean to each other when we realize there is money to be made being nice.

    Monsanto will eventually stop poisoning the born and unborn children of Anniston, Alabama. Just as soon as those evil bullies and liberals stop persecuting the poor, oppressed billionaire CEOs.

    Massey Energy will eventually have safe coal mines, just as soon as left wing do-gooders like me stop insisting that they observe safety regulations and start treating their employees like something other than inanimate tools.

    As for the hundreds of millions who died waiting for the Libertarian Easter Bunny, screw ‘em. God needs to thin the weak from the herd anyway. If you die for lack of medical care, it’s because you were lazy and weak. If you can’t go out and look for a job because you have no legs and can’t afford a wheelchair, well shame on you you selfish bastard. Because a REAL ‘Murrican would crawl door to door offering to mop the floor of some wealthy person’s home with a mop attachment on his face in exchange for a few pennies and a baloney sandwich.

    With Herman Cain, Willard Romney, Newt Getrich and Ayn Rand — I say to you, Nick ::: QUIT WHINING!

    Yes Nick, what i just channeled for you is real compassion on Planet Rand. The real tyrants are the ones who advocate crazed, self-centered ideas like forming a more perfect union, promoting the general welfare and so on. The real tyrants are those who share and expect others to share. The real criminals are those who just don’t have faith enough to believe Ayn Rand and her elves will come…if only we behave ourselves, keep hoarding and looking out for number one.

    Have you not been paying attention?


32 Responses to “Since I being censored…..”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    That guy is a raving idiot. You’re better off not wasting your time on him. There are people who you can get through to. You opened my eyes greatly.

    • Ed Darrell Says:

      That guy is a raving idiot.

      I agree — but Black Flag keeps coming and refusing to read or think. He’s posted more posts at my own blog than I have in the past several, in a much shorter time.

      I keep hoping the Stopped Clock Rule will kick in, and BF will be right about something.

      But, for those who favor open discussion, troll tolerance is the price of admission, right?

      • Kent McManigal Says:

        Black Flag never fails to read or think. What I suspect you mean is that he refuses to accept your premises or pretend that black equals white.

        Coercion is always wrong; even when you really, really want it to be right. Theft is always wrong, too. Your “job” is no excuse. A silly costume is no excuse. A “law” that says if you do it, it is “legal” is no excuse.

        You just have your panties in a wad because someone has principles based upon something more real than your wishes. Natural law trumps statutory law every time. Face it.

        • Ed Darrell Says:

          Black Flag never fails to read or think.

          See his next post, in which he tells fantastic falsehoods about both Huey Long and Franklin Roosevelt.

          If he read and thought, then he decided to make up fantastic lies. You swallowed them?

          You claim he’s evil, and not just misled?

          I have yet to see any evidence that he either reads or thinks. His political views seem nothing but knee-jerk reactions, with a capital “J.” To me.

          Can you show any evidence of Black Flag’s either having read or thought about something?

      • Black Flag® Says:


        I’ve challenged you, Pang, Jim and James to answer a simple question:

        Do you justify violence on non-violent people?

        The lack of any response from any of you is telling and expected.

        You are not stupid men.

        You know that an answer will trap you between two evils.

        You will either support evil and violence
        You will appear as a hypocrite by denouncing evil except when it benefits you.

        That’s the rub, Ed.
        When you are trapped in a contradiction, no matter how you want to hold on to it, you are trapped in evil.

        You are that beer hall magician I told you about – and the best you can do is stomp off, red faced – and insisting BF will never get the jug of beer promised to him.

        • Ed Darrell Says:

          I’ve challenged you, Pang, Jim and James to answer a simple question:

          Do you justify violence on non-violent people?

          The lack of any response from any of you is telling and expected.

          You are not stupid men.

          You’ve challenged our patience, mine at least. If you asked a serious question about violence — why would you? No post on my blog gets even close to that topic — you hid it well.

          On the other hand, you claim to justify ignoring people who need medical care, and you claim to justify ignoring people in poverty. As John Kennedy noted, those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.

          But, I gather, you’ve never bothered to read Kennedy, nor about him; and if you did, you’d find some phony, ad hominem reason to dismiss his views.

          In my youth I used to think people like you could be educated, and you’d stop your erroneous, obstreperous behaviors. I still have hope, but my expectations are sinking.

      • Black Flag® Says:


        That’s the first I have heard a blogger complain that people actually take time to post on their blog!

        You are a very strange man.

        You’d be the store owner complaining he had too many customers.

        • Ed Darrell Says:

          You have an earlier post complaining that bloggers ban you. You’ve heard many times complaints about your posts on other blogs. Clearly, you failed to understand clear language about your posting behaviors. Now, you claim that you’ve never heard such complaints?

          How can we describe such behavior from you? Short-term memory loss, compounded by long-term memory loss? Inability to distinguish fact from fiction? Sheer orneryness?

          You complain at my blog that I censor you, though I don’t. You lead a very active, but malevolent, fantasy life.

          • Black Flag® Says:


            They “ban” me because they do not like being made to look like hypocrites on their own blog.

            They, like you, are incapable of answering a simple question of principle, because, like you, they know they are hypocrites.

            They cry about violence done to them, but jump on the bandwagon of violence on other people.

            You are red-faced magician, Ed.

            What you propose is a fantasy hiding an evil truth.

      • Cyndi P Says:

        I’ve been reading BF’s posts for about three years. While most people we’re singing Obama’s praises, thrilled about the Hope-N-Change, America’s best days are ahead of it now that Barack is in charge, blah, blah, blah, BF was talking about the sorry state of the economy and how we should prepare. He was talking about how government would react to the crisis and what we can expect. Three years later he’s still right on the mark as opposed to the Hopey-Changey crowd.

        • Ed Darrell Says:

          I’ve been reading BF’s posts for about three years.

          Is there an odder form of masochism? What would ever make a person do that?

          • Black Flag® Says:


            We will see you here in 3 years from now.

            You are a sucker for punishment

          • Cyndi P Says:

            What sort of person would make such a childish response to a person who points out that BF was right about The Hope And The Change, and the nature of government in general? I have no beef with you so why try to insult me?

          • Kent McManigal Says:

            Because, Cyndi, he has no answer of any substance (and he obviously knows he is wrong) so he strikes out at you instead of facing his own failings. Sad, but pretty normal for statists.

          • Cyndi P Says:


          • Black Flag® Says:


            Forgive Ed – he is a man with a huge ego-centric world view;

            Whatever is “good for Ed” is a good for everyone, and whatever is “bad for Ed” is bad for everyone.

            The challenge, no one knows what Ed may or may not believe on a moments notice so there is no telling what he may or may not say in favor or against anything.

            You know the type, Cyndi:

            Freedom for me, but not for you
            Heads I win, Tails you lose.

          • Cyndi P Says:

            “You know the type, Cyndi:

            Freedom for me, but not for you
            Heads I win, Tails you lose.”

            Indeed, I do.

  2. Black Flag® Says:

    Thanks, Cyndi, and thanks for replying.

    It’s good to know you are still reading … and still around!

    Hope all things are good for you!

    • Cyndi P Says:

      Yes Flag, I’m still here in the RMI and lurking the blogs. I don’t spend time at SUFA anymore but I still get emails notifying me of your posts. I always read them. I hope all is well with you.

      I’ve made good progress on my preps, though I haven’t had much luck awakening others. It seems they’re quite determined not to see.

      Keep up the good fight as it isn’t wasted on all.

      • Bottom Line Says:


        I echo Flag’s sentiments.

        It is indeed good to see you’re still around.

        • Cyndi P Says:

          Hi BL! Its good to hear from you. I miss our interactions. lol, you flirt!
          You gavea good response for Ed if he can be bothered to read it. I’ve gone a bit ‘dark’ lately for a couple reasons, but I still lurk, time permitting. I’m still on the island and trying to enjoy life as much as possible while watching that big dark cloud get ever closer. …..

          • Bottom Line Says:

            Sorry for the late response…

            Yeah, ..good times, Sweetums.

            My message to Ed was intended as a subtle way to utilize truth for psychological warfare. 😉

            ” lurk, time permitting ” …is me too. I stop in to skim through here and there, maybe comment…

            Hang in there and just try to focus on the silver lining on that dark cloud.

            BTW, if you guys(you,Flag,Kent) want/need to ever contact me, Weapon has my email address and permission.

          • Cyndi P Says:


            I hope you and Flag had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a lovely meal, then went to the beach.

  3. Kent McManigal Says:

    It always cracks me up when statists start invoking the “Libertarian Easter Bunny”, “Libertarian Leprechauns”, and other things like that- while ignoring the fact that they are worshiping the “Statist Santa Claus” who they believe can just magically make stuff (using elf labor- shhhh!) in his workshop without it coming from anywhere. No raw matrerials, human labor, or “money” necessary. Out of the goodness of his heart. The reality is that “Statist Santa Claus” is a mugger who steals from some to “give” to those who he thinks will reward him with votes, or a “mandate” to “do something”.

    Government has made people apathetic. There is no need to watch out for your neighbor when you believe it is government’s job. Why take responsibility for your own life and safety when you pay (whether you want to or not) a “special class” of enforcer to protect you. Never mind that his only real concern is surviving his shift, even if he has to kill you to do it. For everything that should be YOUR responsibility, there is some gover-thug claiming that you should just leave it to the “professionals” , and people have been largely trained to do just that. To the detriment of society.

    Rational (and even irrational) self-interest means you don’t victimize others when there are no “laws” forbidding them from defending themselves. If you do, you are likely to get weeded out of the gene pool early. This has been prevented for far too long. And it shows.

    • Black Flag® Says:


      As always, you are able to phrase complex ideas down to their simple roots.

      I will copy, with no remorse, your Santa Claus analogy!

      • Black Flag® Says:


        What??? Hayek’s has not failed!

        It hasn’t been tried.

        Since 1913, we have been under 100% Keynesian … so I can’t imagine how you might attribute things to Hayekian thought….

        Alan Scott says:
        November 18, 2011 at 8:30 pm

        Since 08 we seem to have had a failure of both Hayek and Keynes. Hayek’s free market philosophy failed and allowed Keynesians under Obama to get power. They have also failed and power may swing back to the Hayek free marketers .

        Black Flag® says:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        November 18, 2011 at 11:27 am


        I have read, probably, all of Keynes’ work.

        His other works are clear, concise, well argued (though refutable), like his original “Theory of Money” – Hayek refuted him, and Keynes wrote back “Oh, I discarded that theory a long time ago”.

        But his “General Theory” is totally incomprehensible – it is utter gibberish.

        I mean, read this:

        On the other hand, the detail of his diagnosis, in particular the so-called A + B theorem, includes much mere mystification.

        If Major Douglas had limited his B-items to the financial provisions made by entrepreneurs to which no current expenditure on replacements and renewals corresponds, he would be nearer the truth.

        But even in that case it is necessary to allow for the possibility of these provisions being offset by new investment in other directions as well as by increased expenditure on consumption.

        Major Douglas is entitled to claim, as against some of his orthodox adversaries, that he at least has not been wholly oblivious of the outstanding problem of our economic system. (General Theory, pp. 370—71)

        Total gibberish, Ed.

        Why would an incredibly intelligent man whose previous work is elegant, readable, and understandable, write such gibberish?

        Because he needed it to be gibberish.

        Ed Darrell says:
        November 18, 2011 at 11:16 am

        You should read Keynes sometime, Black Flag. You’ll be surprised, if you’re expecting to find what you describe in Keynes’s writings.

        Black Flag® says:
        November 18, 2011 at 10:13 am

        They do have an update – called “Round Two”

        In the Science of Economics, Keynes is without a doubt the most influential non-economist in history – and probably the most influential person in economics in history as well – up to now.

        His theories are crackpot – based on the platform originally conceived by another economic crackpot, Irvine Fisher (the man who invented the Rolodex).

        Keynes was lucky – his essays came out just at a time government interventionism in the economy was wrecking its terrible consequences, ….and then he died.

        At his death, Hayek stopped refuting Keynes’ work – erroneously thinking such an irrational tome would fade without the personality of Keynes to continually reinforce it.

        But government seized Keynes work as it justified government interventionism at a time the economy was reeling from the wreckage of government intervention.

        Without Hayek refutations, there was no resistance… “You can’t beat something with nothing” and Keynes ideas took quick hold.

        Academia, dependent on government money, became the apologists for government interventions, and quickly embedded Keynesian as essentially the only economics taught.

        We find ourselves suffering the consequences today.

      • Kent McManigal Says:

        Copy away.

    • Cyndi P Says:

      Very well said, as usual Kent.

  4. Black Flag® Says:


    On the other hand, you claim to justify ignoring people who need medical care, and you claim to justify ignoring people in poverty.

    Of course I never made that claim – you are fantasizing again.

    You fear free men – and you believe free men have no compassion, which means to you only tyrants can be compassionate.

    The question is not compassion.

    The question is the means by which you chose to help.

    You justify evil by the ends you wish to achieve. Thus, you do evil.

    As John Kennedy noted, those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.

    The only way peace can be stopped is by violence.

    Thus, you make violence your first choice and get your wish.

  5. Bottom Line Says:


    Please allow me to clue you in on something you’re not seeing.

    There is an online community of people that have all been hanging out for a couple/few years, as Cyndi mentioned. We’ve all witnessed and participated in hundreds of debates with each other as well as ‘outsiders'(if you will).

    What we know that you don’t yet know, …what I laugh to myself about, …is that you’re fortunate to have Flag picking on you.

    You see, Flag has a tendency to untie knots in people’s thinking. He’s a smart man with a rare level of knowledge and intellect. The running joke is that he’s an A.I. program.

    If he’s picking on you, you’re about to be enlightened. All you have to do is keep arguing with him/it. Eventually, you’ll get it.

    And as I have already advised others before you, it is much easier to just simply ask him/it questions.

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