15 years ago….

….  the most beautiful of all women married me.

I am not an easy man to live with.

15 years later, she is still here in our home. I call that a miracle.

Our ups and downs, lefts and rights, have changed both of us to be different people then when we met.

But today, we still love each other so much.

I guess that is the definition of a great marriage!


13 Responses to “15 years ago….”

  1. kentmcmanigal Says:

    Sincere congratulations. I’m envious.

  2. Mathius Says:

    Congratulations, Flag!

    And congratulations to Mrs. Flag who, I can only assume, has the patience of a saint.

    .. but I think you made a typo..

    Our ups and downs, lefts and rights, … I think that should read “Our ups and downs, rights and more rights and even more rights” 🙂

    I’m rounding out the corner on two years, myself. I don’t know how she puts up with me.

    Make sure to take her out to a nice dinner tonight, or you’ll be hearing about it for the next 15 years.

  3. Judy Sabatini Says:

    Congratulations Flag, I want to wish you both many,many more years on being together.

  4. anita Says:

    She threw the White Flag 15 yrs ago. Congrats to the Flags!

  5. Charlie Stella Says:

    Congrats, brother. I’ve made the trip 4 x’s … just set the record this year with #4 … 8 years for us.

    Do what Matthius said … dinner … wine (not the twist off cap) … flowers (not plastic) … a guitarist (not metal) … all best to you both.

  6. plainlyspoken Says:

    Congrats to you and your wonderful wife.

  7. Black Order Says:


  8. csm Says:

    my very best to you and Mrs. Flag

  9. renaissanceguy Says:

    Congratulations. That’s a great milestone.

  10. Birdman Says:

    A belated congratulations to you and your wife!

  11. modestypress Says:

    Forty-five years, in my case.

    I hope you have practiced your “yes, dear”‘s assiduously. I notice there are no posts signed by her.

    Perhaps, her posts would say, “That’s very nice, dear.”

    • Black Flag® Says:


      45 years! WoW!

      I doubt I will live that long – I was a late start.

      She does not post, leaves that to me – but I would probably see one of these three lines if she did.

      The one you surmised:
      “That’s nice, dear”

      The other:
      “Be nice, dear”

      And a lot of these:
      “Time to shut up, dear”

  12. Laci the Dog Says:

    It is indeed a great marriage!

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