The Beating Stick

Futile Democracy is a very talented fellow in the UK – an artist by passion which manifests in photography.

He is also quite a brain in history.

Thus, he is a very articulate and interesting fellow.

Politically, he and I sit on the same side of the river but separated by an ideological mountain range.

In response to one of his posts, boiled up out of me came another way to understand the theory of government and its control, so I repost it here:


Government – as a tool – is legitimized violence.

With it, you can beat your neighbors, your enemies, your friends and your family legally. If they resist, they are wrong no matter the reason you’ve decided to beat them.

Inside such a system, men quickly understand that controlling the “beating stick” will prevent the “beating stick” being used on them. The added bonus, they get to use the “beating stick”!

So it is a dual motivation – preventing yourself from being beaten and allowing you to beat others.

With no surprise, there is a massive competition to seize the stick.

Unlike competitions of physical prowess or mental brilliance – the competition for the “beating stick” favors those naturally disposed to evil and immoral behavior.

That is, it favors men who believe they have a right to beat other people.

Moral men do not believe violence is a good answer to problems.

Moral men use reason and persuasion.

Moral men invoke CIVILIZED behavior in the interaction with their fellow men. Civilized behavior abhors violence.

Immoral men have no such constraints.
They will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to achieve their aims. They do not need reason. They simply exist in the mind of “because I say so, so it shall be, so help me God”.

To them, innocent people are easy targets. They invoke BARBARIANISM. “Might is Right, and second place is a dead body”.

Thus, in the struggle to use violence legally, evil men will use any and all means – from barbarianism to reason – to seize the “beating stick”.

Moral men will not dive into such a cesspool of a fight.

Moral men do not need the beating stick because they have no desire to beat other people. Moral men are missing 1/2 of the motive – and thus, have 1/2 the will to control it.

With no surprise, the “beating stick” becomes controlled by immoral men.

Men with money, whether moral or immoral, see the beating stick as the primary tool against them to seize their wealth. For the survival of their wealth, they need to fight for the “beating stick” – they have the most to lose if they do not control it.

With little surprise, many find that the “beating stick” can be used to steal wealth from their enemies! It is a “beating stick” AND an “enriching stick” (by theft).

Thus, it is no surprise to see the“beating stick” fall into hands of the violent, immoral, evil and mony’ed men.

As long as the “beating stick” exists, this is the only outcome – no matter what system is applied in achieving the “beating stick”.

Thus, the only solution is:
Break the “beating stick”.



15 Responses to “The Beating Stick”

  1. Judy Sabatini Says:

    Which is why, we need to get rid of government.

  2. Kent McManigal Says:

    Did my comment disappear into a curled-up dimension?

  3. G-Man Says:


    I have a oak “bat” that I have carried in my truck door for about two years. I’ve never removed it from it’s place that it sits, as no reason has presented it’s need. Your article is spot on!


  4. Kent McManigal Says:

    Hmmm. I tried to post comments twice, and I think they both vanished. I’ll try once more.

    I see this situation a little differently. A free society is one where everyone carries this stick. No one has a monopoly on its posession, and no one is forbidden to carry it. No one dares misuse the “beating stick” because everyone else has an identical one to use in self defense.

  5. Flashlight Torch » How do you make a torch? Says:

    […] The Beating Stick « Freedom flies a Black Flag […]

  6. Jon Smith Says:

    I am with Kent on this, at least partly.

    The fully free society allows each to carry a beating stick of their own, and wield it as they see fit. Their own concept of morality or rights, be they legitimate or well thought out or not, dictates the use of that stick. There are two problems with this:
    1) The stick will be dealt wrongly in some cases. With no enforcement of law, there is no restriction on the way in which the stick is weilded.
    2) The sticks will be of unequal power. This means that a stick weilded wrongly could overpower several sticks weilded rightly.

    As a whole, I prefer distribution of power. This prevents any one “stick” from being weilded too powerfully when it is weilded wrongly. That said, with no basic principle, there can be pockets of tyranny. The big question is, are pockets of tyranny a lower price to pay that the periods of great tyranny that follow a government that starts free and then grows into a monster.

  7. jay Says:

    These days, the government is merely a puppet handled by corporations. You can hit the puppet as much as you want, that’s a waste of time.

  8. Black Flag Says:


    Maybe, maybe not.

    But the stick is legal violence. Whether it is seized by corporations or by the mob matters not.

    All roads lead to tyranny as long as the stick remains

  9. jay Says:

    What you see in Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq is that the absence of government of a very weak govenment doesn’t mean the end of tyranny. A government is what you make of it. In the Western world, that’s a corporate lackey.

  10. newsextra1962 Says:

    I have never heard such a load of old BOLLOCKS…..

  11. newsextra1962 Says:

    Insane the lot of you….

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