Earth Hour a flop

The Greenie Environmentalist movement is collapsing.

Instead of a “lights out”, Ontario registered a significant spike. This can only be understood to be a silent but powerful (pun intended) protest.

Even Environmentalist Heaven, California, saw no change – not even a blip.

Anthony Watts is looking to compile assorted locations so maybe we’ll see in a day or two the extent of the failure.

(Yes, I turned on every electric device we could reasonably turn on  – 🙂 )

But as expected, the Mass Media is still touting the Greenie line – ignoring the failure completely.


9 Responses to “Earth Hour a flop”

  1. Judy Sabatini Says:

    I think all these greenies are just nuts, and that includes the environmental nuts jobs. I mean, I’m all for saving the planet and doing what I can to help out in other ways, but you can only do so much.

    BTW, your second to the last sentence made me laugh.

  2. Lowell Popham Says:

    I didn’t burn extra energy because I wanted to see this effort fail without my help.

    Big Al finally got it right when he changed global warming to climate change. I’ve noticed that this has been happening four times a year for my whole life.

  3. Birdman Says:

    Like you said, the MSM is still reporting the green movement favorably.

    The government will find a way to implement cap and trade through the EPA or law.

  4. zombiehero213 Says:

    We should all strive to be more like North Korea. They are the epitome of what it means to be “sustainable.”

  5. AGW takes a big hit « Zombiehero's Blog Says:

    […] You wouldn’t know about it watching the US Media. They have instituted their own version Earth Hour on any type of coverage that might damage the AGW […]

  6. anita Says:

    Cool!, finally a Flagster article I can understand.

    “They” know who you are BF. You will be RED FLAGGED for that hour when your bill comes….. 🙂

  7. petetalbot Says:

    I guess your facts are superior to everyone else’s (nice but meaningless graph, though.)

    From the Canadian Press:

    TORONTO — Ontario saw a four-per-cent drop in electricity demand Saturday night during Earth Hour, or enough to power a city the size of Brampton, said Ontario’s electricity system operator.

  8. Black Flag Says:

    I just posted the graph – you make whatever out of it as you wish.


  9. jay Says:

    The earth hour is a bullshit moment to feel good about yourself and then get back to overconsumption. Nothing green there. It’s like washing the dishes once a year on March 8.

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