Preparing for Elections 2012

Prof. Rowley’s blog posted a allegorical call to arms to retake the White House., however, do not think the tactic of “taking” government is correct.

So, my response, repeated here.


If your battle is for butts in seats in Washington, you will be defeated once again.

The enemy sits on all sides of the vote – using one enemy to defeat the other enemy guarantees your enemy’s victory and your enemy is again sitting in the offices ready to inflict government violence on all their subjects.

Using tactics of the last, failed, “war” will assure failure once again.

Using columns of men standing in upright alignment will be slaughtered when facing static machine guns.

Using static machine guns in trenches against mobility, armor and dive bombers will surely lead to defeat.

Using mobile armor, and delivery of massive firepower on targets by air power upon on fighters who are a dispersed, decentralized resistance of guerrillas will be a failure.

Using past tactics will not prevail against old enemies.

Freedom needs to assume the paradigm of the 4th Generation fighter.

Gen 4 warriors do not a battle for territory.

It is a battle for legitimacy.

4th Generation warriors attack the legitimacy of the powerful and government and its inability to fulfill its promises of security and safety.

The Gen 4 warrior cannot be defeated in the field, no matter how many causalities inflicted on them or the extent of territory captured.

They are not defending dirt, so losing dirt causes them no loss. They are not defending people, so losing people causes them no loss.

They are assaulting legitimacy – and every battle, they win if their enemy destroys innocent lives or property. Their enemy inflicts wounds on themselves – how can one claim to protect lives and property when it is that entity that is destroying and killing?

The powerful can only defeat the Gen 4 warriors by offering the Gen 4 access to government.

Since government is centralized violence, opening up government centralizes the warriors. This creates a solid, defined center that can be attacked by traditional means and defeated.

Gen 4 warriors need to tread carefully when offered the trappings of centralized force. It is how the government defeated the Apache, it is how the government defeated Hamas and the PLO, it is how the government will defeat the Taliban and Hezbollah.

In this paradigm, Freedom fighters must leave behind -forever- the belief that seizing government power will empower freedom for themselves.

The battle for territory – butts in the Big Chair – the ‘enemy’ is far more skilled at emotional rhetoric than all the bumbling and mumbled voices of freedom.

Men will always be memorized by the lies and the promises of effortless seizure of wealth, and shy from the truth of hard work and need for perseverance for self-fulfillment. History has shown that power in the hands of those willing to lie and those willing to listen to lies will overwhelm those that hold to truth.

So, Freedom cannot battle in the halls of evil – it can never win the government.

Thus, it must abandon government. More so, it must assault government and its illusions and destroy its legitimacy. The fall of government power will also destroy the structures built around it; and all of it is built on lies.

The tactics must be 4th Generational – attack the legitimacy of government force and violence and avoid at all costs the mirage of taking government force for its own use. We must think Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” – all those that wish to seize its power to do good and free men will only, in the end, add to its evil and its tyranny and enslave men.

“No man, regardless of the badge or hat he wears, has a right to inflict violence on non-violent men.”

This one mantra will sweep away the core foundation of all government.

Then, freedom has a fighting chance.


10 Responses to “Preparing for Elections 2012”

  1. Godless Says:

    You’re a looney. Your 4th gen. warrior strategy assures that thousands or millions of Americans die. You say it’s worth it, but what the hell have you ever fought for? Any military experience? Have you ever even held a gun? Your path suggests how just how much of a megalomaniac hypocritical person you are. You don’t want zero government, you want to usurp this government and be placed in charge.

  2. Cyndi P Says:

    Good grief Godless,

    You’ve stepped in it now, ROTFLMAO.

  3. Kevin Wilmeth Says:

    Hey, looks like I’m a looney too.

    I have yet to be disappointed in these posts, BF. For all the time many of us spend decrying the dystopia, it really is pretty low-hanging fruit. What are we to do about it?

    (To one of “Godless”s themes: okay, let’s say I make my “two shots” for the Revolution, and that it succeeds. Then what? Black Flag is thinking ahead. I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but I sincerely doubt I’m the only peasant out here who knows he can make the shots–knows it so well that he’s freed up to be more concerned about 1) what comes next and 2) is there a way we can not have to take any at all? If you need to study your own front sight a little more, go nuts, but this discussion is legitimate and necessary, and would benefit from real participation.)

    To the topic at hand, I was struck by a metaphorical comparison with the apparently impending economic collapse. It seems pretty obvious to even layman-economists that a simple loss of faith (read legitimacy) can cause the whole house of cards to come down. And indeed it seems that we are witnessing that very thing happening now; in response all kinds of unprecedented (for the US) things are happening, that in every way support that analysis. We could wake up tomorrow to find that the dollar means nothing. (Whether that is likely or not is a detail matter, not one of principle.)

    It’s not much of a stretch, then, to look at the state’s political apparatus in exactly the same way. I’ve been influenced by Butler Shaffer and several other Austrian-School adherents and when they speak of “walking away” or “withdrawing consent” it is precisely the same thing, isn’t it? “What if they held a war and nobody came?” indeed.

    Is this likely or possible? Well, I suppose that depends on who you ask. On one hand it immediately seems impossible–that people are way too entrenched in the idea that the only way to achieve ends is to use the existing system, flawed as it may be. Certainly that’s what we’re all supposed to think, and most of what we “know” is literally designed to make it look that way.

    Then again, isn’t political participation already at an all-time low? Aren’t people already so fed up with red-herring pursuits like the fecal flingery of “Team Red v. Team Blue”, that they are staying away in droves? Oh, sure, it’s easy for the all the vested players to simply dismiss nonparticipants as “barely literate apathetic deadweight” (and they do, with all kinds of trendy catchphrases), but I suspect that is somewhere between simple Platonic-Cave ignorance and the sort of willful denial that we now see with the ridiculous efforts to prop up a failed (as in, choked to death by an unsuccessful parasite) economy.

    (Me, I’d be tickled witless if I spent the rest of my days placing my own crosswires on nothing more than paper, steel, and tasty critters, and I would jump at the chance to participate in a revolution which involves nothing more than walking away. I’m prepared to do otherwise if I must, but come on: given the choice, duh.)

    There’s several metaphors that work well for people to understand the dynamics at work here; the one that I continually come back to is the Tolkien reference: can’t people see that all politics is nothing more than a modern war for the One Ring? Hasn’t history been clear enough already that “winning” this war is meaningless, and at best simply resets the hourglass to the next round of abuse and destruction? (And so on. There are even other metaphors, but that one is pretty damn complete.)

    Perhaps the comparison to the economic bubble could be useful, because it’s real, it’s now, and people can relate to it? If someone already understands that the rest of the world could just walk away from the dollar and thus cripple it through simple loss of legitimacy, it seems that it might be worth suggesting a small extra step: if that is true, then is it not also true that walking away from Leviathan, to the point where it cannot even pay its thug-mercenaries enough to come after us, might be not only ideal but also possible?

    You want “hope ‘n’ change,”, that gets my–ahem–vote. It will be interesting to see where this extended conversation may lead.

  4. Cyndi P Says:

    Those of us who try to explain that the rest of world could just walk away, and are now beginning to walk away, are dismissed as ignorant morons, or crazy.

    On an other matter, you may want to look into this bit of legislation…

    HR 2647, especally the ammendment by Mr Hastings from Florida

  5. Kathy Says:

    OK, this sounds more like the BF we’ve all come to know and love…..

  6. anita Says:

    BF for Prez…or at least city council. See? You’re making it easy for me.

    You do need to get your butt into a seat and spout ecactly what you spouted here. Continue to vote “present”. Maybe people will start to listen.

    Just sayin….as I run for cover…

  7. Black Flag Says:


    Running for local civic office is one of my recommendations for those who wish to involve themselves in the political process.

    Who knows? Maybe I might.

  8. modestypress Says:

    I’ve read this blog so far. (After reading black flag comments in a blog where the blog owner was mulling over blocking his participation, I decided to read his blog and see if he was a hypocrite.) He’s not.

    I don’t know where he lives (physically). I live in five acres of woods on a large, inhabited island. We have various fauna and flora we consider (arbitrarily) pests. For example, we have red squirrels we consider “native” and thus tolerate and do not consider pests. We have gray squirrels we do not consider native (and thus illegal immigrants), so I shoot them (with a rather “sissy” weapon, a pellet rifle). I will never succeed in eradicating all the gray squirrels.

    Our climate is temperate, but very lush, almost a “rain forest” but not in the “tropics.” We have lots of vines and berries and “stickery” plants. One of the most irritating and persistent floral pests are known as Himalayan Blackberries. They are very hardy and invasive, and protect themselves with vicious thorns. I pull them out (using thick gloves). They are not “native.” They have some benefits (the berries are sweet and healthful, though hard to pick), but not much worth the trouble. Besides we grown blueberries, raspberries, and boysenberries in our large organic garden. So whenever and wherever I encounter the Himalayan blackberries on my property, I cut them down and pull them out.

    But I will never eradicate them, so as I walk down the road and see them everywhere, I shrug and perhaps eat a berry or two.

    The Internet is like a huge continent, and it is full of pests that cannot be eradicated. (As long as human civilization persists, which as my blog suggests, may not be that much longer.) So far, keeping with my resolve to myself (as I am 67 I may not last that much longer), I have read this blog. I have not posted any bad words and have not had any comments deleted. I am trying to decide whether black flag should be regarded as a gray squirrel or a Himalayan blackberry vine (or whatever the spiritual equivalent should be considered where black flag lives or wherever you live).

    I am going to eat lunch now, and then I am going to please my wife by helping her move some flowers. Which are probably not native.

    • Black Flag® Says:


      I probably started out as a grey squirrel, using my dodging tactics as a means to survive being shot.

      But now, being older and less able to dodge, I’ve become more prickly.
      I do hope that if one gets past my prickly spots, there might be a tasty thought or two, though.

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