“Can we OBJECTIVELY REASON Universal Morals?”


Another TED video!

This was highlighted to me by a new adversary,” Godless”, who has thrown a few sentences here on this blog.

Sam Harris asks the question “Can Science determine Morals?”.

Now, critically, I say he showed it cannot. There was no discussion of what “Science” is, and from my point, what he was using as his point didn’t make it science.

But if he said “Can we OBJECTIVELY REASON universal Morals?”, then I think he hit a home run.

A few of my readers will see some of my personal arguments wonderfully articulated by Sam – one, for example, that there can exist infinite of good and right answers to any human problem. He used “peaks” in his analogy, and it did well to present a similar thought to mine.

And I, too, believe we can create a reasoned path to objective and universal morals – and find that there exists an infinite number of them too.

A very good video, all in all.

Hat tip to Godless! Thanks!

4 Responses to ““Can we OBJECTIVELY REASON Universal Morals?””

  1. Kent McManigal Says:

    Awesome! I am so glad you posted this.

    I have said for a long time that not all opinions are valid. There is obvious right and wrong, and anything that harms those who do not deserve to be harmed right now (“the innocent”) is evil.

  2. Ray Hawkins Says:

    Thought provoking Flag. Thanks!

  3. Black Flag Says:

    Indeed, Kent!

    As he said in the video, we don’t have to accept the claim that evil gets 50% and equal air time as “good”.

  4. Mark t Says:

    Can’t see it as I am away from my laptop. But I get TED podcasts and will get caught up next week. Very interesting no doubt. Sam Harris is a fine mind.

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