Lord Monckton on Climate Change – Melbourne Highlights

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One Response to “Lord Monckton on Climate Change – Melbourne Highlights”

  1. Mark Tokarski Says:

    Lord Monckton, who has no credentials in this area, nonetheless, introduces much-needed skepticism to the various political schemes around this subject. Bjorn Lomborg first introduced the idiocy of DDT and malaria in the Skeptical Environmentalist. Monckton is refreshing, most likely without an hidden agenda, probably honest and as confused as the rest of us about this gnarly subject. His graphs mean no more than AL Gore’s, and dammit if he doesn’t have his own hockey stick!

    For myself, I note that the scientists who originally discussed this problem and brought it to the public’s attention did so without PR agencies and propaganda. Later came AL Gore, who appears to be on a messianic mission, and Exxon, cynical beyond the pale. So now we have a clusterfuck.

    I tend to side with the scientists and pay serious attention to the practical skeptics like Lomborg and Monckton. I think the problem is real, and that there is very little we can do except live responsibly.

    Yeah, we might have a very big problem, but the root cause of it is too many people, and the planet knows how to deal with that. And yeah, it could be that what the planet will naturally do about the problem (“it” has no consciousness) will not be pleasant. Ever seen what happens when caterpillars overproduce? Wear boots.

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