Change from within the System

For those that believe – somehow – the government can reverse its course of self-destruction:

Huffington Post provides this tidbit

A Growing Share of Americans’ Income Comes from the Government

Any attempt at ‘freezing’ the budget or (gasp) reducing the budget will attack some group of American wallets somewhere – causing a massive political uproar that no politician can stand.

So they will defer.

As long as Americans wallets are tied to government loot, change is impossible.


3 Responses to “Change from within the System”

  1. Birdman Says:

    I read almost every day about bank failures. Can you provide any information and/or your perspective on the situation?

  2. Birdman Says:

    I watched this video on Money as Debt. If you have the time, could you watch this and provide your analysis.

  3. Life of Illusion Says:

    Carstuff I think you will like.

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