Decent into Barbarism

When Lincoln, one of the first fathers of the barbarism of Total War, declares something is barbaric to him, you have to pay attention.

Presidential assassinations of U.S. citizens

Glenn Greenwald of Salon heartily offers an opinion about US killings off-battlefield


The law of war does not allow proclaiming either an individual belonging to the hostile army, or a citizen, or a subject of the hostile government, an outlaw, who may be slain without trial by any captor, any more than the modern law of peace allows such intentional outlawry; on the contrary, it abhors such outrage. The sternest retaliation should follow the murder committed in consequence of such proclamation, made by whatever authority. Civilized nations look with horror upon offers of rewards for the assassination of enemies as relapses into barbaris


One Response to “Decent into Barbarism”

  1. Anne Cleveland Says:

    Love reading good quotes. My favorite from Lincoln is, “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and courts, not to overthrow, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constiturion.: I write regularly on my blog-site,, articles about whats going on in Washington. Just posted a series titled, “Great Wall of Obama- The inverted Triangle”.

    We are in a crisis because too many are be-dazzled by the fancy foot-work of Harvard Grad rhetoric, not common sense thinking.

    Thanks, Anne Cleveland

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