Spousal Unit Leader and Primary Replicatant are gone to Disneyland et al.

California there they go!

And here I stay.

It’s a wonderful treat from  Grandma = she wanted to gift her grandkids and her kids something forever memorable.

Not enough room for me, though. She felt horrible about it – but it was  financially crippling. (6 can stay in one place, 7 cause x 2 places… and waaaay over budget). I stayed home.

It is a sense of freedom for me – no one to pull my time one way or another- I’m spending it rebuilding our home computer network and servers (….ya live a techy, ya die a techy)… and, POKER!

But me and the dog – silence echos between these walls – deafening …

I find it amazing how these “funny people” I live with fill in all the spaces in my life – you don’t quite fully notice them when they are here – but all that  empty space where they once were… are noticeable when they don’t fill them.

As they say, the silence is deafening.

It’s not even one day (out of 8 ) and the echos of their vacancy are too loud already.

It’s going to be a very long 8 days for the dog and I….


11 Responses to “Lonely….”

  1. G-Man Says:

    Fear not my pirate friend. I too live a quite “alone ” life. Most often, it’s me, the dogs (2), the music I choose, and cold beer! It is tough at times, but, I make the best of it. I gives me reason to really appreciate everyone at SUFA. The first couple days are the worst, then it gets easier. Before you know it, you’ll realize you may want more of it, hence, the many days each year spent in the wilds.

    Peace my Friend!


  2. Kathy Says:

    Aaww, poor BF. I fear we are going to be inundated with essays! Yikes!

  3. Judy Sabatini Says:

    Isn’t that the way it is, you get used to all these people around you, then when they go somewhere, the silence can be deafening. Only temporary Flag, only temporary.

  4. anita Says:

    Mr, Black Flag, Sir,

    Figured I’d post this one here and share your happiness that you have dented the universe…..priceless !

    Good for you BF.

    I still live in JACville, though! 🙂

    Hope this works. Your submit button is not cooperating

  5. Cyndi P Says:

    Hang in there Flag, they’ll be back right around the time you realize that you LIKE drinking milk from the carton and leaving dishes in the sink!

  6. Common Man Says:


    Congrats on the Blog, I am sure it will prove to be educational and at the same time entertaining.

    I look forward to future posts


  7. Birdman Says:

    Enjoy the time off while you can. It’s hard raising a family and rare to get time off alone.

    Found another interesting article:


  8. G-Man Says:

    Hope you are doing well tonight! Peace Brother! 🙂


  9. Judy Sabatini Says:

    I hope that you are keeping yourself busy Flag. Have a good night Flag.

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