SUFA flag


12 Responses to “SUFA flag”

  1. Just A Citizen Says:

    Pretty clever there BF.

    I like it. Yesterday I was thinking we should add a Red F for freedom but the eagle does the job without explanation.

  2. anita Says:


  3. USWeapon Says:

    I like the new flag! I must say, my friend, I have come far in gaining a better understanding of where you are on topics I post. We may not always agree, but I think that we have come to a point where we share a similar vision and are now fighting the same fight, albeit with different tactics.

  4. Judy Sabatini Says:

    I like the new Flag too.

  5. Black Flag Says:

    It is good, isn’t it!!!

    I’m almost inclined to claim it!

  6. Judy Sabatini Says:

    Why don’t you then? Or does someone else already claim it?

    • Black Flag Says:

      …. the pure black flag I think represents me ….

      I think other ideas or concepts can sit on top of it, like USWep’s SUFA and VLDG – an eagle or JAC’s Red “F”…

      …but I’m the black – solid – no border, nothing but…

      • Judy Sabatini Says:

        But, the eagle looks so cool in that flag, represents everything America stands for. We have eagles here that we see fly around once in awhile, especially in Washoe Valley.

        • Black Flag Says:

          It is cool!

          Which is why I love it too!

          It symbolizes, I believe, what USWep said yesterday in his post.

          Stand UP for America! That is what is screams, doesn’t it?

          Born from Liberty, Flying free.

          I’m content to be the background – the solid black.

          I’m proud to call my friend – USWep – the Eagle – to take the front.

          My job is to keep him pure and honest.

          His job is to inspire the People.

          I think it works.

  7. Kathy Says:

    Nice! You really do have time on your hands.

  8. Judy Sabatini Says:

    By the way, I like the name of your site, just forgot to mention that last night.

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